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honeycombers: Opinion: The best, the worst and the scandals at Singapore Fashion Week 2017 ...

Posted on October 30 2017

honeycombers: Opinion: The best, the worst and the scandals at Singapore Fashion Week 2017 ...



Gin Lee and Ling Wu are two Singapore fashion brands that have been slowly plugging away at the industry making names for themselves when it comes to beautifully detailed and well-finished products at reasonable prices with a distinctive aesthetic. On Day 1 of Singapore Fashion Week, the two designers came together for a perfect collaboration of clothing and accessories. First up was Ling Wu; better known for exotic skin handbags, the designer showed her new season bags with some very elegant, brightly coloured pieces that featured some really cool knits – not something that is often seen from Singapore based designers – combined with some great, loose silk tailoring and self-pleated easy-wear fabrics in casual dresses, tops, cardigans and white-legged pants.



Gin Lee opened with one of Singapore’s coolest girls, Nadia Rahmat (who was featured in a Marc Jacobs campaign, FYI) who kicked off the show with a bit of vogue-ing – so appropriate really – in a tailored white dress and towering platform shoes. She was followed by a series of loosely tailored, laid-back clothes in silk paired with some nice pieces of outerwear, and, of course, some great bags courtesy of the Ling Wu collaboration. One of the reasons the two collections sat so well together was the use of similar fabrics including the self-pleated fabric which Gin Lee used in a very simple but elegant dress with leather shoulder straps. There were a few looks that came across rather ‘auntie’ and old fashioned, way too basic for the runway, but the overall collection was saved by the standout looks like outwear – including a boxy sheer jacket – the wrap dresses, a metallic silver dress worn by top Singapore model Aimee Cheng Bradshaw and the finale look of semi-tailored top and fitted trousers in black.


Written by: Niki Bruce


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